Residential Conveyancing Purchase Fees

View the anticipated costs for purchasing a residential property.

Residential Conveyancing Sale Fees

View the anticipated costs for selling a residential property.

Newnham & Jordan Solicitors provide conveyancing quotes right across England and Wales . We will give you a complete breakdown of all costs involved including Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Registry Fees and Search Fees for the requested postcode.

Any fees quoted in response to this request are subject to adjustment due to any relevant circumstances being unknown to us at the time of the quotation and in respect of unforeseen items.

If you have any concerns about this we would suggest you telephone us without obligation to discuss those concerns.

For example, these may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Any unusual circumstances particular to you or your transaction
  • The need for the transaction to be dealt with within a short, urgent timescale.
  • Additional Searches being required above and beyond those originally anticipated.
  • Complications arising because of the existence of additional mortgages/ registered charges.
  • Additional work being needed, for example, in respect of a leasehold purchase where the Lease proves to be defective and a Deed of Variation needs to be negotiated with the landlord.
  • The need to organise an indemnity insurance policy to cover some title defect for example an absence of a right of way or a potential breach of restrictive covenants.
  • The requirement for a declaration of trust between co-owners
  • A statutory declaration in respect of a defect on the title eg lack of access rights/rights of way
  • If there is a commercial element to the transaction
  • Any other non-residential transaction eg land only purchase or transfer