Specialist Equine Solicitors

With our personal involvement in horse ownership and the relevant legal expertise we can assist you with all equine matters including:

  • Buying and Selling Horses and Ponies
  • Horse loan agreements
  • Finance & grazing agreements
  • Equestrian property transactions – Land, Stable & farms
  • Equine related disputes

Equine Agreements for the benefit of seller, buyer and horse!

For the benefit of both the seller, buyer & the welfare of the horse involved! Angie has developed specialist, very cost effective, Legal Equine Agreements tailored to your unique situation granting some protection for both buyer, seller & the horse! These range from Sale, Purchase, Loan Livery & Grazing Agreements through to Finance Agreements, if you are considering taking or granting a financial interest in a Top Class Equine.

Equine law, or horse law as it is often referred to, is a diverse area of law. It covers a vast spectrum of legal issues relating to horses, horse riders and owners, equestrian properties and equestrian businesses.

Angie Newnham, Director at Newnham & Jordan Solicitors is a passionate recreational horse owner involved in many local horse riding events & disciplines. As such she has first hand experience with horse trading & ownership and understands the issues you may be going through.

Angie can provide expert legal advice and services in all legal issues involving horses. For more information why not contact Angie at Newnham & Jordan Solicitors for an informal chat over the phone ,or in person, to see how we can assist, either using the enquiry form or by calling Angie Newnham – 01202 877400

Angie Newnham: Equine Specialist
Direct Dial: 01202 877 400 (Extn 101)
Email: angie@newnham-jordan.co.uk

Horse ownership is a wonderful experience for many & with so many equestrian activities, training, & wonderful riding country in the UK it is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. But venturing into the world of buying or selling horses can be fraught with difficulties, even for those who are experienced.

“It is too easy for misrepresentations to be made or the qualities & experience of the horse to be mis-understood”

This could lead to numerous difficulties & stresses for both horse & owner. We regularly see situations where an unsuitable horse was purchased for all sorts of reasons. Had a proper legal Equestrian Agreement been implemented at the time of sale or purchase then such issues, for both buyer, seller & the horse, could have been averted. As a result many people all over the country are now seeking the services of a specialist Equine Solicitor before buying or selling horses.

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