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5 top tips for summer driving

The summer holidays are nearly upon us. If you’re planning a road trip this summer, it’s very important to make sure that you and your car are prepared. So here are 5 top tips for safe summer driving.


If your tyres are at the wrong pressure or even damaged, in the heat the risk of a blowout could be increased. It’s very important to check your tyres before any long journey. (Also remember to increase your tyre pressure for extra loads)

If you have a caravan you should also do the same. If any tyres on the caravan show signs of cracking in the side wall or in the tread groves, they should be replaced asap.


Dazzle from the sun can cause lots of accidents through the summer months. You can reduce the effect of glare by keeping your windscreen clear and by replacing worn or damaged windscreen wipers.

Hay fever

If you are a hay fever sufferer it’s always best to do the following:

  • Make sure any medication you’re taking doesn’t cause drowsiness
  • Close windows and air vents to reduce pollen grains in the car
  • Keep tissues close to hand
  • Clean mats and carpets regularly to get rid of dust



If you smoke, make sure you don’t just throw your cigarette out the window when you have finished. During the summer months’ verges and embankments can be come bone-dry and a smoldering cigarette may be enough to ignite road side grass.


When driving through the country side it’s common to get stuck behind a tractor, this can be very annoying but it’s important to remember these points when stuck behind these slow moving vehicles:

  • Keep plenty of distance between you and the tractor
  • Remember that a tractor may be longer than it appears
  • When passing a tractor make sure you have plenty of room to get past


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Article by Michael McGhie
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